Looking For Temporary Healthcare Staff?

Are you running a healthcare organisation that often needs temporary agency staff to help with staffing pressures? If you’re looking for a reliable partner to supply highly skilled and experienced agency carers and nurses, LeviCare are a recruiter in healthcare who can source and deliver the right person for your organisation.

The reliability of permanent employees through temporary healthcare staff.

Amazzing Touch is a recognised care recruitment agency that offers temporary agency staff to a range of healthcare organisations, to help support them with their service delivery. 

Our team is consistently growing, meaning we have the capability to facilitate your staffing needs through our temporary healthcare staff. Whether you need to make a single, multiple or long-term block booking, Amazzing Touch would be delighted to demonstrate why our clients consistently choose us as their trusted partner. 

We are one of the very few care recruitment agencies that has been praised for high quality delivery, consistency and continuity. 

Fixed Rate

Since 2018, we have consistently listened to our clients and taken on board feedback to ensure that the service that we provide is meeting expectations.

Our research has highlighted that the majority of healthcare organisations pay variable rate cards for days, nights and weekends when it comes to utilising temporary agency staff, carers and nurses.

Amazzing Touch have produced a true flat rate to help our clients manage and control their agency spend through our care recruitment agency staffing solutions.

Usage Report

As a value added service, we provide all of our clients with a free usage report that provides organisations with a snapshot of what they’ve spent, when they’ve spent it and where the spend was allocated. 

The inclusion of the usage reports for all clients was introduced following a service review that we conducted, as clients highlighted that this would be a good asset for them to have. Since implementing this into our service, clients have reported that it has enabled them to save around circa. 10 hours of admin resource per month.

To summarise...

We provide a bespoke flat rate to help reduce and manage your cost when it comes to utilising our temporary agency staff.

We can cover shifts at short notice, or we can provide long term block bookings to help with continuity and consistency.

Potentially you could reduce circa 10 hours admin time by utilising our complimentary usage report.

Impeccable communication and dedication from our Head Office Delivery Team.

To Be An Excellent Service Provider Delivering Efficient, Effective, And Outstanding Services Whilst Positively Contributing To Our Client’s Growth.